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We live and breathe our neighborhoods, offering invaluable insights and earning the trust of owners and tenants alike.


MySpace Team Member - Adam Teichholz

Adam Teichholz917-817-9529

Adam Teichholz is a native New Yorker from Long Island and currently lives in Williamsburg. He loves exploring different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and can tell you the best pizza spot wherever you are. His background is in economics and media sales but now enjoys helping people find their new apartment. He has a great ability at understanding what you’re looking for and will work tirelessly to find the perfect home in every situation. He’s a big sports fan and you can usually catch up cheering on his alma mater the Maryland Terrapins.

MySpace Team Member - Agil Huseynov

Agil Huseynov917-436-6709

Agil Huseynov immigrated to the US in 2016. Starting as a doorman at 836 Bergen St and inspired by the rental agents, he decided to join MySpace in 2017. He is also an entrepreneur who owns LED Solutions LLC ( pro audiovisual equipment supplier) that works with businesses and organizations nationwide. Originally from Azerbaijan living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. 😊

MySpace Team Member - Alannah Fehrenbach

Alannah Fehrenbach(347) 201-3045

I am a native Brooklynite who loves helping others settle into a comfortable place to call home. I live in Bed Stuy and when I’m not biking around showing apartments I love to travel and read tarot for others.



MySpace Team Member - Alberto Vigilance

Alberto Vigilance347-913-2295

Some things are inevitable. As a New York native who moved with his mom to Georgia during his childhood, MyspaceNYC Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Alberto Vigilance watched her study to earn her real estate license. He read through her books, took the practice quizzes-and aced them. Later, back in New York, Vigilance earned his own license to practice real estate when he turned 18. Appreciative of the constant and consistent pace of the NYC real estate market, Vigilance truly is a people person, and his clients pick up on that. In one online review, a client complimented him on his attention to detail, his thoroughness in helping her from the first meeting through the lease signing, and his tireless efforts. Vigilance explained his motivation: "My mom taught me valuable lessons throughout life, but this may have been the most important one, at least in business. She said, 'Son, the money will come, the real success lies in putting someone in a place they can call home.'" "Someone once asked me what made me different from the 24,000 other agents in New York. I told him that I was the only one with the name 'Vigilance!'" If you want to make certain you have an agent who is attentive and thorough-one with vigilance, contact Alberto today!

MySpace Team Member - Arie Moller

Arie Moller9177108779

Arie started off his career as an aerospace engineer and information technology professional and brings that analytical approach to his clients. He is constantly analyzing the market to provide his clients with the best rental or purchase fits in the Brooklyn market. Specializing in Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg, and Crown Heights, he's the one to find you that hidden gem to call home, make sure your property is filled by an excellent tenant or sold for top dollar. Arie is not only an agent but a landlord and understands that end not only from a theoretical side but a practical one. His approach is no-nonsense. If you appreciate that approach, Arie is the one to work with for your next rental or purchase.

MySpace Team Member - Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis3479270847

By placing himself in your shoes, Bryan tailors his search to your specifications, gets you ready with requirements, and provides the best choices within your budget. More importantly, he makes sure that you are well informed so you can approach the market with realistic expectations, be decisive and confident with your choices, and stay on top of the competition. Bryan approaches your business not as a transaction, but a relationship that is nurtured long after the deal is closed. Please feel free to txt or e-mail him to set up an appointment today!

MySpace Team Member - Cassandra De Leon

Cassandra De Leon917-272-3520

Originally from East Hartford, CT, Cassandra moved to New York for an opportunity in the music industry. After renting her first apartment in Brooklyn through MySpace NYC, she quickly grew a strong interest in the real estate world and soon found herself working as an agent for the company. Her love of NYC and her time with MySpace NYC has made her an expert in everything Brooklyn has to offer including some of its trendiest neighborhoods. Her past clients have come to know her for this knowledge as well as for her honesty, professionalism, and diligence in finding them their right fit. As a member of the MSNYC Mor Sales Team, Cassandra is looking forward to using her positive energy and passion to help you find your new home or investment. "It’s been six years at MySpace and in that time I’ve grown within the company, moving up from an agent to the Branch Manager of the Lefferts Gardens office. I specialize in Brooklyn especially the areas of Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatbush-Ditmars Park, Sunset Park, and Kensington. I am happy that customers can continue to benefit from my broad knowledge, so be prepared for my enthusiasm and my interest in learning about you and how I can connect you to your own cool new residence in Brooklyn."

MySpace Team Member - Christina Hopkins

Christina Hopkins(631)861-4741

My name is Christina Hopkins. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and still reside here in Bed-Stuy. For a very long time, I've had a passion for helping others. One of the most gratifying privileges I hold is my ability to be in a position to assist someone who needs my help. I love being the go-to person for Real Estate solutions.



MySpace Team Member - Dayana Gerardino

Dayana Gerardino347-938-6446

Enthusiasm, hard work and personalized service go into everything Dayana does. Realizing that each and every client has an individual and specific need. Dayana recognizes these needs and follows up before and after the deals have occurred. With a passion for service in New York City, as a proud member of MySpaceNYC, Dayana carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does.

MySpace Team Member - Edward Chittenden

Edward Chittenden(757) 635-1204

Drawn by the vibrant music and art scenes in Brooklyn, Ed moved to Bushwick in 2008, and continues to play in various musical projects. He joined MySpace NYC in 2012, coming from a long background working in real estate in his hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. An active residential leasing agent, Ed in the past 3 years has found his niche and primarily focuses on serving MySpace NYC's booming commercial department. The company's commercial team have quickly developed a reputation for their keen insight into the development and direction of the surrounding neighborhood's commercial landscapes, and equally for their attentiveness and care for the needs and concerns of both the tenants as prospective business owners, as well as for the building's owners. Passionate about Brooklyn, Ed's approach to real estate is focused around getting to know his clients as real people whose company he enjoys, and taking care of them from beginning to end. Learn how he can help you.



MySpace Team Member - Emily Polizzotto

Emily Polizzotto917-748-3490

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Emily has witnessed the tremendous change that has made the borough one of the most sought after locations in the country. After a successful career in the hospitality industry, she now uses her skills and expertise to create a service that completely revolves around her clients in the field of real estate. Through her seasoned insider knowledge of the New York City, Emily is known to exceed clients' expectations; her dedication and commitment to ensuring you achieve your real estate goals is her daily motivation. She has a unique sense of adventure, one that sees her explore "off the beaten path" neighborhoods that may otherwise be overlooked. This makes her the unrivaled and trusted go-to resource for all of your New York real estate needs. In her free time, she enjoys sampling dishes at new restaurants, traveling, and doing The Bar Method™ workout.

MySpace Team Member - Hanna Sternberg

Hanna Sternberg(917) 617-7704

Hanna is a longtime NY resident, having moved from Israel in 1998. Residing in queens but specializing in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Hanna has established herself as one of the leading agents in her field. Since entering Real Estate in 2005, Hanna has helped local and foreign clients navigate the somewhat rough waters of the real estate market in all aspects of the trade. Her drive, charismatic spirit & love for real estate has allowed her to establish relationships with sellers, buyers, investors, tenants, and realtors, alike. Just ask anyone who knows her. Over the last 17 years, Hanna has become a top realtor specializing in Brooklyn, Manhattan. She knows the North Brooklyn market inside and out, and can clearly explain the real estate process to her clients, she makes the entire experience enlightening, stress-free, and of course, entertaining! Hanna's exceptional customer service and work ethic have earned her five-star reviews, as well as loyal repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients and landlords. Through hard work & years of experience, she has gained many exclusive rentals, sales & investments throughout NYC. Hanna is your teammate, not just your realtor.



MySpace Team Member - Jana Parker

Jana Parker718-637-9046

Hello! I'm Jana Parker, your energetic and witty Real Estate Agent. Being a born and raised New Yorker, I'm providing you with 30 years of knowledge within these "streets". As a Brooklyn native, I come equipped with the benefit of knowing the local neighborhoods inside and out. Looking for an apartment in New York is a hassle and I'm trying to make this experience as hassle free as possible. I'm a lover of humanity, which makes me quite a people person. With that said, I'm here to bring you joy, excitement, and transparency. I'll show you all the local spots and tell you all of New York's best kept secrets. You came to New York to not just live here but to also live the lifestyle! I'm here to show you it all while helping you find a place that makes you feel right at home!

MySpace Team Member - Jay Payton

Jay Payton(678) 939-5868

I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga. I grew up there and also graduated from Georgia State University. During my time in college, I pursued Fine Arts which lead me to seriously pursue my passion to become an artist. That same drive took me to San Francisco where I received my master’s degree in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. Since then I have displayed multiple exhibitions from New York City all the way out to Hong Kong. Though creativity is what I live for the challenge of real estate has caught my attention along the way. It’s refreshing to be gaining knowledge in a field that I hadn’t originally considered. I have enjoyed every moment of it and am looking to continue to thrive in both industries.



MySpace Team Member - Jeff Goncalves

Jeff Goncalves413-454-7782

Jeff has been an agent with MySpaceNYC since 2011, and specializes in both residential and commercial rentals. Whether you're looking for a new home or new business location, Jeff has the experience to find just what you are looking for! Contact today to learn more about the properties he specializes in!

MySpace Team Member - Julius Torres

Julius Torres3476749862

Julius is a Latinx American Licensed New York Real Estate agent, recently relocated to the New York Metro area. Originally based in Chicago, IL market. Working in the alcohol brand marketing world Julius for the last 9 years has organized and executed numerous brand activations, cultural events, content creation, and marketing strategies. Now while working in the Real Estate space Julius loves to explore neighborhoods to find all of the amazing food and entertainment New York has to offer.

MySpace Team Member - Justin Hanagan

Justin Hanagan585-747-9734

Justin has been working in Brooklyn real estate for a decade. He thinks it's stupid how agents waste peoples' time with bullshit and he strives to keep all of the bullshit you'll encounter to only the normal, everyday kind of bullshit we all experience by choosing to live in this godforsaken city.

MySpace Team Member - Kanree Wright

Kanree Wright9296058092

Hi I'm Kanree ("Can-ree"), and I'm a native of Liberia, West Africa. I was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and got my media arts and entertainment broadcast degree from Elon University. I've lived and worked in media in many cities around the world including Edmonton, Canada, London, U.K, and Barcelona, Spain. I'm a passionate communicator and my international background and cultural experiences allow me to create awesome relationships - a very important quality for a real estate agent. As a NYC transplant I understand how difficult navigating the housing market can be so my goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible, because you deserve to live the life you've envision. Glad to be a part of your journey!

MySpace Team Member - Krystal Pilgrim

Krystal Pilgrim(570)-620-6992

My name is Krystal Pilgrim and my passion is in Real Estate. I was born and in raised in Brooklyn, New York home of the multi faceted and multicultural community. I’ve been an agent for the past 4 years hustling in bustling in New York streets as I’ve had the opportunity to find homes for plenty of people. My top qualities are excellent customer service,Hard work and follow through.Which helps me to focus on fulfilling the needs of my clients. My love for helping others has created my drive for real estate as your agent I will listen to you needs and wants to create the best experience in helping you finding a place to call home.



MySpace Team Member - Kyle Meagher

Kyle Meagher571-218-2540

If you want to find an apartment in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Bushwick, I'm your man! I can find you a place anywhere in Brooklyn, but I'll let you know the best dive bar, the bodega that's open 24 hours and the secret underground/warehouse club that no one else would be able to help you with. Let's go on an adventure!

MySpace Team Member - Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz(347) 938-8264

My name is Luis, I’m a family man proud father of two who enjoys spending time with my family and who’s also very passionate about Brooklyn and the world of real estate. I enjoy sports, and I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn Nets and NY Mets. I’m of Hispanic heritage and can fluently speak Spanish and English. As someone who has lived half his life in Brooklyn, and have family members in different areas of the borough, I can say I’ve been everywhere in the borough. Not only I’ve been everywhere, but I’ve lived and worked in different areas of the Kings county. I worked as a super for multiple buildings and for multiple landlords for over 10 years. I’ve been around tenants and been working with apartments for such a long time, it feels like Brooklyn and apartment buildings is all I know. As someone who has been a super for over 10 years, I know a lot about the structure, plumbing, electrical and all kind of material facts involving a building and an apartment. If you are looking for someone who knows and loves Brooklyn, knows material facts and is passionate about what he do, I’m the agent you would want to help you find your future home.



MySpace Team Member - Morris Binns

Morris Binns(347)528-8080

Originally from Cleveland Heights Ohio. Mo has made Brooklyn New York, his home for the past decade. With a background in Interior Design, clients gravitate towards his easy going personality and professionalism. “Finding your perfect space is not easy and can be overwhelming. I am confident, I can connect you to the right home. And guide you through the approval process. “ p.s I smile when you get your keys .. #AmericasNextTopRealtor



MySpace Team Member - Nicole Restani

Nicole Restani9548030259

Nicole Restani is a South Florida native and has lived in NYC for 11 years spanning five different neighborhoods in her favorite borough: Brooklyn <3. Hailing from the competitive arts industry, she uses her grit and creativity to find her clients a place they'd love to call home. With six years of experience in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens under her belt, Nicole champions a stress-free apartment hunt and transparent application and leasing process. When not driving around BK showing apartments you can find her dancing around a studio, learning to sail on the Hudson or loving on her dog, Laika.

MySpace Team Member - Noah Kaplan

Noah Kaplan9176174145

Noah Kaplan is an agent with a diverse skillset and a wide array of experience. He has helped sellers sell, buyers purchase, and renters rent multiple-unit, single and two-family townhouses, condos, coops, new developments, and more. Noah is also the Executive Producer and star of new comedy reality show 'Thousand Dollar Listing', and has appeared on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, Fox 5, Channel 11, Time Out New York, The New York Post,, the Real Deal and more. Originally from the Upper West Side, Noah eats, sleeps and breathes New York City. Feel free to contact Noah today for your real estate needs!

MySpace Team Member - Oliver Makula

Oliver Makula212-961-6667

Born and raised in Manhattan, Oliver has lived in several neighborhoods throughout the city before settling in Ridgewood about a year ago. Now working full time out of MySpaceNYC's Bushwick office, he specializes in the Bushwick, Williamsburg, Ridgewood, and Bed-Stuy neighborhoods. Oliver prides himself for his honesty, quick communication, and dependability during the search process, along with making the application process as quick and easy as possible. Long term happiness for the people he works with is the ultimate goal. In his free time, Oliver enjoys writing, playing music badly, and waiting for one of his cursed hometown sports teams to finally win a championship (Mets or Knicks, preferably). Contact Oliver today to get the most out of your apartment search - and read his Google reviews if you aren't sold yet!

MySpace Team Member - Reda Janah

Reda Janah646-400-8387

Graduated with a Marketing degree understanding the needs and wants of clients, and having a deep understanding of the real estate market. Reda knows the ins and outs of Brooklyn and will make finding your next home a breeze. You can count on me because I will always be there. Call or text Reda today!

MySpace Team Member - Roman Velichko

Roman Velichko(347) 939-4370

Originally from Ukraine, I came to New York in order to get a degree in business management and communications. Shortly after finishing my studies I realized that NYC became my home away from home and decided to stay here for good. Over the past 8 years I have been helping people find their true “home base” all around New York by offering an unmatched level of service combined with my true passion for real estate. If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent, it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you through this process with my utmost dedication and responsibility.



MySpace Team Member - Ron Krasnow

Ron Krasnow415-713-3572

Ron Krasnow is a Brooklyn based Real Estate Salesperson since 2013. He's experienced throughout the Borough and has a joyful enthusiasm for finding people homes that best suit their budget and needs. It is Ron's dedication, passion and honesty that make him such an effective advocate for his clients.

MySpace Team Member - Tom Roszkowski

Tom Roszkowski347-622-9746

With over 8 years experience as a salesperson, Tom understands what it takes to find and secure a home in New York’s fast paced market. Finding the right home can be frustrating and time-consuming, and Tom is there to do the behind the scenes work necessary to make the experience smooth and painless. Additionally, with his background as a teacher, he believes in educating his clients throughout the entire experience, so they can be empowered and informed decision makers. “I want to be more than a salesperson, I want to be your guide. Ultimately, the experience should be as easy and educational as possible.”

MySpace Team Member - Tracey Alias

Tracey Alias917-609-8533

Stress-free Customer Service, Respect For Others And The Desire To Help You Succeed, Are What Motive Me To Help You, My Client, Every Day! Let Me Help You Find Your New Happy Place...

MySpace Team Member - Trey Garrett

Trey Garrett2126854145

With his vibrant personality and impeccable work ethic, Trey has become a staple in the Brooklyn real estate scene. After working with some of the biggest developers in Brooklyn, Trey now runs the leasing team for the Brooklyn mega development ‘The Denizen’ - designed by world renowned architect ODA New York.

MySpace Team Member - Yasmin Mansour

Yasmin Mansour347-256-0331

Born and raised in NYC, Yasmin is a consummate New Yorker with a deep love for her hometown. An expert in her city, Yasmin can help you navigate the trendiest neighborhoods this city has to offer. Yasmin has helped tenants find apartments all over NYC and specializes in Brooklyn. A new addition to MySpaceNYC, Yasmin looks forward to using her knowledge and passion to helping you find the perfect new place to call home.

MySpace Team Member - Zalman Simpson

Zalman Simpson646-398-0149

Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, with Years of Experience in the Brooklyn Rental Industry, I am sure you will be satisfied with Zalman.

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