Where to Get Some of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Mmmm, burgers. Seems like every week there is a new Brooklyn burger joint promising you the best in town. Realistically, try as you might, you can’t eat at all of them. Which is why we’re giving you a few tried and true favorites to take the guesswork out of the burger game.

dumont-burger-onion-ringsBurger and onion rings at DuMont Burger via Yelp

DuMont Burger

First on the list is DuMont Burger, which was created by the team behind Williamsburg restaurants Dressler (now closed) and DuMont. Hop on a barstool in the cozy, casual space and be prepared for a substantial burger. On the off-chance you’re not in the mood for a burger (say what?), you cannot go wrong with their famed mac and cheese. Try it with bacon.


the-burger-guru-onionsOnion burger and fries at The Burger Guru via Yelp

The Burger Guru

Organic is the name of the game at The Burger Guru, so you can feel good about yourself as you dig into one of their wide variety of burgers. Go wild with the spicy lamb, crabby patty, or bison burger, stay classic with the Guru blend, or even go vegan, finishing things off with a range of toppings. Not to be outdone by DuMont Burger, they’ve got mac and cheese too, but at The Burger Guru they put it right on top of the burger. Try it if you dare.


dutch-boy-burger-egg-baconA bacon and egg cheeseburger at Dutch Boy Burger via Yelp

Dutch Boy Burger

Dutch Boy Burger has the feel of a diner, and they have the curly fries to prove it. Take your pick of burgers, hot dogs, or other sandwiches. The milkshakes are to die for, and if that wasn’t great enough in itself, you can add alcohol.


action-burger-pretzel-bunThe pretzel bun at Action Burger via Yelp

Action Burger

So you say you want a little entertainment with your burger? Action Burger is, they say, America’s first comic book/science fiction-themed restaurant. Now at last you can enjoy a delicious burger while playing arcade games or staging a full-out burger war with action figures. Be warned, you will be asked to choose between hero, villain, and super-villain food.


mothers-brooklyn-cheeseburgerA burger with cheese and pickles at Mother’s via Yelp


Mother’s is the companion restaurant to hip Graham Avenue bar Daddy’s, but a more laid-back version. Grab yourself a bison burger, some sweet potato fries, and a craft beer, and settle in for the evening.