Three Antique Shops to Visit in Brooklyn

Just moved to Brooklyn? Maybe you just moved into a new apartment? Well, at some point you’ll want to have people over to show them your new place. But, you can’t have everyone sit on the floor and eat off a paper plate. It’s time to start furnishing your new home.

Brooklyn is filled with great niche stores, and an antique shop may be just what you’re looking for. Antique furniture offers products full of history and untold stories. It adds an element of the past to what may feel like a “cookie-cutout” Brooklyn apartment. Check out our three antique shop picks:



Retro dishware set, vintage clothing and antique wooden chairs from Yesterday’s News & Brownstone Treasures | via Facebook

Yesterday’s News (428 Court Street)

Yesterday’s News is the highlight of downtown Brooklyn’s thriving antiques shopping scene. You’ll find hand-made wooden furniture, vintage electronics and an array of costume jewelry. From mid-century finds to industrial steel furniture, I guarantee that you’ll love every minute that you’re here!


Dorset Finds

Antique workbench, vintage neon signs and industrial conference tables from Dorset Finds | via Facebook

Dorset Finds (Multiple locations and online)

Justin Dorset, a collectibles dealer, buys and sells what he loves. Driven by his personal esthetic, he prefers his finds to highlight the history of the piece rather than to take away from their original interesting characteristics. Furniture, clocks, lamps and everything in between, you’re sure to find something you absolutely love. The prices range from a few dollars to a couple thousands based on the rarity, and condition.



Vintage furniture and oddities at RePOP NY | via Facebook

RePOP NY (143 Roebling Street)

Located in Williamsburg, this vintage store and collectible gallery is stocked with a wide range of merchandise. You’ll find antique chairs, tables and cabinets alongside a selection of oddities.

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