All The Murals At Coney Art Walls Are Now Completed

Co-curators Jeffrey Deitch and Thor Equities CEO Joseph Sitt made a promise to Brooklyn. They vowed to have all of the 21 new murals at the open-air gallery Coney Art Walls completed. And they’ve delivered just in time for the Mermaid Parade over the weekend.

The freshest pieces only just went up. Among those are works by Stephen ESPO Powers, Gaia, D*Face, Jessica Diamond, London Police, Haze, Triston Eaton, Timothy Curtis, Nychos, Daze, and Nina Chanel Abney.

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Coney Art Walls is located at 3050 Stillwell Avenue between Bowery Street and the Boardwalk. It’s east of the Thunderbolt coaster and worth a visit. It will be open every day throughout the summer. See our listings by Coney Island.

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