Become A Real Estate Agent at MySpace NYC

What’s different about you? Do you enjoy working with people? Hate being tied down to a typical 9 to 5? Want an exciting day-to-day career? Or, just looking for additional income?

Well, imagine being your own boss in a flexible career where you can set your own schedule and earn an income based on the time you invest. Sounds good? Then you should look into becoming a real estate agent.

If you’ve never thought of a career in real estate before, I have one question… Why? At MySpace NYC, we have over 130 agents that have left their 9-to-5 jobs to find their love of the profession.

Even better, with us, you find a whole new love for Brooklyn and all that it offers, as we have 4 branch offices in fun, exciting areas of the borough.We’re a different type of agency, serving rapidly growing neighborhoods, with the largest database of no-fee rentals. Plus, our leasing office in prime Williamsburg, managers, training managers and your fellow agents will ensure that you not only have the training, but the confidence to close your first deal and become a superstar agent.

It’s never too late, and if you inquire now you can have a strong finish to this year and jumpstart on the next! What’s even better is that every new agent brought onto our team will be apart of our new Waterfall Commission Structure.

We’ll allow you to “Cash Out Your Network,” making money from all the people that you recruit. Bringing in interested friends and family will allow you to create and grow a dedicated team of agents that will be considered your level 1, and they can recruit their friends, and so forth, allowing you to have 3 levels of agents in your network making a percentage of every deal closed.

Interested yet? Click here to find out how you can get involved and break into the Brooklyn real estate market.

(A little confused? No worries, our animated video explains it all. Take a look!)

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