Moving to Brooklyn: Your New Life!

Whether you’re traveling from out of state, or to a new neighborhood, moving can be a real headache, but moving to the right neighborhood for you is worth it.

What makes Brooklyn’s neighborhoods different from each other, is the level of local culture cultivated by the residents and businesses in the area. Non-Brooklynites see it in a whole different light. When they think of Brooklyn, popular neighborhoods, cool graffiti and food come to mind.

While that may all be true, here are some real things you’ll face moving to Brooklyn.

You May Get Called A Hipster

The second you move anywhere in Brooklyn, whether it’s Crown Heights, Flatbush, or Williamsburg, people will call you a hipster for doing it. It’s just life, accept it.

You Can Only Afford To Live In Brooklyn? Yeah, Right!

Brooklyn isn’t far from the city, but your friends from other boroughs might think so. They may also think the only reason you chose to live here is because you can’t afford it, but when they take the 15-minute ride from Manhattan they’ll have a chance to see the luxury building you moved into with roof access, a private yard, and all the amenities they can only wish to have.

You’ll Never Run Out Of Brunch Options!

How does bottomless mimosas, all-day coffee, and a random selection of dishes sound? Well, there is a never-ending selection of places to try. You can seriously try a different one each week, and find your go-to weekend spot.

You Will Become All About Local Businesses

Organic grocery stores, farmer’s markets, family-owned record stores…. You name it! No matter what kind of local goodies you’re looking for, you’ll find a local specialist nearby. You may find yourself protesting the new Starbucks in Crown Heights and going to Brooklyn-based Bagel Pub instead. It’s the Brooklyn way!

Brooklyn, Whatever the Season, Is Never Boring!

Brooklyn is officially on the map. No matter what state or country you go to, when you say you live in Brooklyn, people know where it is and that it’s the place to be. You’ll also discover that everyone outside of NYC thinks you’re cooler than you actually are. Just accept it and enjoy all that the borough has to offer!

If you’re still looking for a new apartment or room in Brooklyn, let us help you find your next home. You can check out our available listings!

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