How to Know if The Apartment is “The One”

2016 is here! This is the year to start fresh and get a new apartment that fits your every want and need.

Finding “the one” isn’t easy. It takes quite a bit of dedication, the same way that it’s hard to know if you’ve landed the right guy or gal.

We know it’s tough to know while apartment searching to pinpoint only one place you want to live in,, since there are obviously advantages and disadvantages to every place you visit. So, to give you some assistance on your apartment quest, here are some hints to signal that you’ve found the one:

You Love The Location

Is the neighborhood sone you see yourself spending a lot of time in? Is the commute reasonable with easy access by public transportation? Are you close to a grocery store, coffee shop, pet store, etc.?

You should have done your research on the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for you before beginning to look at apartments. Do you want to be in trendy Williamsburg or Bushwick, or a quieter area like Lefferts Gardens or Prospect Heights? If you haven’t looked around, you should really take the time to consider whether the locations of the apartments you’re viewing are a good fit for you.

The Price is Right

You must make sure that when you go apartment hunting, you have an ideal budget in mind! You could find your dream apartment, but it may be a little over what you’d like to spend, but maybe the amenities makes up for it. The building might feature a nice workout facility, so you could also cancel your gym membership to offset that added cost.

It’s Well-Maintained

Upon viewing different spaces, before deciding to sign your lease you should inspect the building and the apartment, including its floors and walls, appliances, heating and cooling systems (if applicable), and faucets and fixtures to make sure that everything is in good working order.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t feel bad about taking the time to do this. No renter should have to live in a place that needs lots of repairs.

The Amenities Are Perfect

Decide what amenities you absolutely want before apartment searching. Do you want exposed brick throughout, a dishwasher, washer/dryer in-unit or roof access? Then don’t settle! Your ideal apartment should have as many amenities as you see fit.

You Get To Bring Your Furry Friend

Our pets are a part of our family! Whether you have a pet, or are considering getting one in the near future, you should make sure that you can bring them with you.

Double-check with your new landlord that they are allowed in the building, and make sure that the place is good for animals. See if other tenants have dogs or cats in the building, or if there is an outdoor play area.

We know above all else that you may not find the “perfect” apartment, and the search may lead to you making a few compromises. We advise to not settle on something that truly isn’t a good fit, but you can give yourself a little wiggle room and look for a place that meets your most important criteria.

Feel free to check out our available listings and maybe you can find the apartment that has everything that you’ve been looking for. Happy Searching!

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