Furnishing Your New Apartment – On a Budget!

You’ve done it! You finally signed the lease to your dream apartment in Brooklyn, and now it’s time to make your space more hospitable.

There’s just one thing holding you back…. your budget.

You just paid first, last and security and now you’re on a tight budget until your next few paychecks. You may not be eating ramen, but if you furnish your new apartment like you want to, you’ll be stuck eating crackers for the next month!

Don’t worry, it’s possible to add your own touch without breaking the bank.


Before you decide to paint the walls of your bedroom neon green, PLEASE ask your landlord if they are fine with you painting or adding wallpaper. If not, there are plenty of ways to add more color – here’s a few of our favorites.

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Calendar Photos
Instead of shelling out a lot of money for high-end photos, try framing pictures from yearly calendars (about $25 value). They’re often just as beautiful (travel ones are my favorite), and you have the option of cutting off the months and days.

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Sarongs As Accents
Sure, sarongs are usually associated with beach locations, but imagine how stunning their beautiful colors and patterns will look draped over a solid-colored couch in your own home. Because of their reasonable price, you can buy multiple and switch them out often.


There’s nothing better than getting a free dresser! Having a desk, lamp, or even a mirror passed down is one less item that you’ll need to purchase for your new apartment. Plus, think about how cool your new space will look with a vintage/modern feel. Here are a few more acts of recycling we thought were awesome.

Courtesy of The Suburban Urbanist
Shower Curtains On Windows
Once you find the right fit, shower curtains make a genius alternative to more-expensive window treatments. Many come in stylish designs that you’ll be proud to move from the bathroom to the bedroom.
Courtesy of Instagram user cathsweezay
Shoe Holder For Toiletries
An over-the-door holder can hold more than just shoes. If your bathroom is limited when it comes to storage space, here’s a way to keep toiletries, hair dryers, brushes, and more organized.


With the right materials, you can make anything look expensive, but it’s really a combination of resourcefulness and DIY skills. You found tree branch? With some spray paint, some hooks and a string, you’ve just created an abstract art piece that you can hang in your apartment.

Maybe that wasn’t the best example, but the sky’s the limit when you you’re creating a work of art. Try it out, it’s not very hard!


Now that we’ve shared some of our best tips to furnish your apartment on a budget, feel free to check out some of our available listings in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Greenpoint.

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