Bushwick: No Longer the “Little Town in the Woods”

“It could be a casting call,” says Shawn Mullahy, branch manager of our Bushwick office. “Or a band practice.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he would say that about MySpace NYC’s Bushwick office. After all, several of the agents are actually in bands, and others are actors. One even has an indie film bound for the Brooklyn Film Festival. They’re an eclectic group that reflects what makes Bushwick such an exciting neighborhood: an artistic, DIY sensibility.

Bushwick was one of the original six Dutch towns of Brooklyn, named “Boswijck,” or “the little town in the woods.” Back then, the borders of Bushwick included the areas now called Williamsburg and Greenpoint, so it’s fitting that Bushwick is stepping out of the shadow of its flashier cousins to become a destination in its own right.

Mullahy moved from Manhattan to Bushwick eight years ago, and he and his wife are in love with the neighborhood.

“It’s a dynamic neighborhood in flux,” says Mullahy, “with tons of no-fee inventory and a tremendous amount of commercial space.”

Come see Bushwick for yourself! You can either drop into the office and let us show you the neighborhood, or you can dip your toe in by checking some of our favorite Bushwick hangouts.


Robertas Bushwick
’Lamb of God’ pizza | Laurie M. via Yelp


This pizza place helped put Bushwick on the map — but calling it a pizza place is a gross understatement. Roberta’s menus features all kinds of artisanal dishes under $20, including homemade duck prosciutto, a dynamite burger, and a pastrami sandwich some call better than Katz’s. The wait on weekends can be insanely long, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Maite Bushwick
The Lola | Maite via Facebook


Chef Ella Schmidt serves up simple food prepared expertly, in a cozy space with rustic decor. The ingredients are local and seasonal, with dishes inspired by American, Spanish, and Italian cuisine. Arrive early so you have an excuse to order one of their excellent cocktails.

Tacos, tostada and picada | Daniela G. via Yelp

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

Bushwick has a sizeable Mexican population, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the best food in the neighborhood comes from south of the border. Tortilleria Mexicana is a great place to start: it’s casual, inexpensive, and the made-to-order tacos are out of this world.

Gotham City Lounge | Jeff W. via Yelp

Gotham City Lounge

The owner of this comic book–themed dive bar serves up cheap beer and drink specials, good music, and friendly service. You may think you’re in a teenage boy’s basement, which, depending on your mood, could be scary or awesome. Or both.

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