New Yorkers: 15 Excuses That Just Work

There seems to always be an argument about which is the better borough (we all know it’s Brooklyn!), but you have to admit there’s a few things that as a New Yorker you just understand. We all pay too much for a cocktail, get stuck on a train when we’re late, or have had to deal with crowds of tourists because of an annual parade. Not to mention that out-of-towners think that we’re just straight-up rude, which isn’t the case.  So when we came across this Time Out list, we had to share the common understandings we tend to have amongst our fellow New Yorkers.


1. ”I was late to work and couldn’t call because there was a sick passenger.”

2. ”We should break up. It’s not you, it’s the commute between our apartments.”

3. ”I can’t meet you there. I don’t go within 10 blocks of Rockefeller Center around Christmas.”

4. ”I know it’s Saturday night, but I’m staying in. I’m hungover from brunch.”

5. ”I’m spending the next three days fighting my bed bug infestation. You won’t want to be near me!”

6. “Sorry for the delay! The A was suddenly rerouted on the F line.”

7. ”I’ll be late, I left my unlimited MetroCard at home and had to turn around to grab it.”

8. ”Stuck on the West side, there’s a parade.”

9. ”Can’t stay late, I have to move my car in the morning so I don’t get a ticket.”

10. ”Have to go, my broker just told me about an apartment with a dishwasher that I have to see before someone else grabs it.”

11. ”Spent $75 on cocktails last night, so I can’t justify spending money on anything today.”

12. ”I’m busy that night—have to interview new Craigslist subletters.”

13. “Sorry, I can’t stay at your place tonight because the subway isn’t going to your apartment after 11pm.”

14. ”Wasn’t prepared for the rain, so I had to stop and buy emergency rain boots and a $5 umbrella.”

15. ”Won’t be leaving Brooklyn today—the L train is totally f**ked.”


If you haven’t used one of these excuses yet, you will very soon. This is why we love New York!

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