Willie Nelson Film – Free Concert Event

The Triad in New York City will held a free concert even for the film My Cricket and Me. The reason behind this event is launching the Kickstarter for said film.

My Cricket and Me Is written and directed by former Willie Nelson roadie, Gabriel Barreto, and collaborator Eliot Routh. The film is inspired by true events and both Barreto and Nelson star in it.

The film has special appearances by Amy Irving, Dave Shalansky, Noel Carey, Rob Leo Roy and Lauren T. Mack. More casting appearances will be announced at the concert event. The executive producers ae Donald Rosenfeld and Sovereign Films.

“The film follows Gabriel ‘Cricket’ Ramsey (Gabriel Barreto), a young documentarian who has decided to turn the camera on himself, revisiting his post-high school stint as a roadie for country music legend, Buck Bonham (Willie Nelson). But an interview with the wily musician goes awry when Gabriel is forced to reconsider the extent of his debauchery that fateful summer. Aided by his dubious-yet-faithful, wisecracking camera crew, Gabriel decides to reconcile with his past the only way he knows how—by retracing the outrageous warpath he carved while on tour.” — according to press notes.

The concert will be held at the Triad, located at 158 W. 72nd Street, and will begin at 4 PM. The event will be hosted by Donald Rosenfeld and Andreas Roald, and there will be exclusive screenings and live music by the GOOLIS. The entry is free, but there is a suggested $15 donation for the Kickstarter.

For more information, visit MyCricketandMe.com and RSVP to cricketRSVP@gmail.com.

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