Giglio Italian Festival Welcomes Hipsters to Join!

The century-old traditional festival in Williamsburg wants hipsters to join in the celebration! This festival will take place at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church from July 6th to July 17th, 2016. Coordinators of the event are encouraging hipsters and local residents to join the dancing and singing crowds; everyone is welcome.

Carolyn Stone, festival spokesman, says — “Williamsburg is a hipster neighborhood — lots of people go. You do have Italian Catholics, but you have those people who are new who might not have grown up in the neighborhood — and they’re curious. Everyone will be able to enjoy even if they’re not part of the heritage or history.”

This year will mark the 113th edition of Giglio’s Italian Feast in Brooklyn. The festival celebrates San Paulino, a kidnapped bishop. The 12-day celebration features its famous 70-foot tower, which is carried by a 125-man platoon while a brass band plays music. (The tower can only be lifted by longtime members of the community only, but the atmosphere can still be enjoyed by everyone.)

A mini-Giglio tower is available for kids to lift, as a way of getting in practice for when the time comes to lift the 70-foot pillar.

An estimate of 50,000 people participates each year to enjoy the feast, which is filled with games, rides, and traditional Italian food booths.


Our Lady Mount Carmel Church
275 N. 8th St.
(718) 384-0223

July 6-17 (see website for hours)

Photo by: Carolyn T. Stone

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