Fine Dining comes to Prospect Lefferts

Prospect Lefferts Gets Some Much Needed Fine Dining Courtesy of Myspace NYC.

Prospect Lefferts Garden (PLG) has become Brooklyn’s hottest neighborhood in the last year and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Traditionally a residential neighborhood in the Flatbush area, this community is bounded by Empire Boulevard (formerly Malbone Street) to the north, Clarkson Avenue to the south, New York Avenue to the east, and Ocean Avenue/Prospect Park to the west. As exciting new development projects, such as “The Parkline” (626 Flatbush), flood the PLG area with new residents Myspace NYC’s commercial department is working overtime to bring fresh ideas and businesses to the Flatbush Avenue retail strip.

With the help of Myspace NYC’s commercial team, PLG has become home to a brand new high-end rotisserie chicken restaurant. With a neighborhood that already takes great pride in its spicy Caribbean jerk chicken dishes, head chef Boris Ginet is hoping his menu will have the familiar feel of comfort foods that everyone can enjoy while bringing something new to the table (literally!)


“[We hope to] reimagine the rotisserie experience, infusing this French traditional roasting style with the familiarity of the Brazilian staple churrascaria and the American ideations of comfort food. Various all-natural meats will be roasted in different culinary techniques, served with signature sauces and local, seasonal vegetables to create a cosmopolitan feel with minimalist, flavorful dishes.”

701 Flatbush Avenue is looking to open up this winter. Keep an eye out for this amazing menu and be sure to swing by when the weather gets cold for some amazing hot dishes.

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