Bushwick Welcomes Yours Sincerely Cocktail Laboratory

Craft cocktails on tap! Step into Yours Sincerely Cocktail Laboratory and experience one of the coolest new bars in Bushwick.

The owners of famous neighborhood restaurant, Dear Bushwick, have been trying to figure out what to do with their space next door for some time, and we must say that they definitely went in the right direction!  The new speakeasy-style cocktail lounge at 41 Wilson Avenue features 20 ready-made cocktails on tap, six craft beers, two wines, whiskey and three sodas made in-house that you can customize with your favorite liquor. IMG_05561

Yours Sincerely has their drink mixtures down to a science, measuring everything down to the milligram to make you the perfect drink. The cocktail list is separated into two categories: Nitrogen Cocktails, which are still and propelled from the kegs with nitrogen, and Carbonated Cocktails, which are tapped similarly to beer. Since all the drinks are on tap, you’ll be served in seconds, plus it keeps the prices between $4 and $8. From cool cocktails like “Swipe Right” (A twist on an old fashioned with organic date infused bourbon) to savory shots like “Chaos Theory” (Jamaican jerk-infused Owney’s rum, with chicory-infused bourbon, molasses and mole bitters) the wide selection allows you to step out of your comfort zone and experience bold, new flavors. If you’re having trouble deciding which creation to try, the menu offers a flowchart to help you pick your poison. The witty menu and cocktail names will have you giggling (Raisin the Bar), and you’ll feel like mad scientist drinking out of beakers!


The inspiration came to owners Darren Grenia and Julian Mohamed when they visited White Lyan, a cocktail bar in London, where all the cocktails are pre-made with perfectly measured proportions. Yours Sincerely takes it to a new level with their tap system, garnished with porcelain victorian figures.

Stop by for yourself and see if the cocktails live up to the hype, and while you’re in the area feel free to check out our Bushwick office to see how you can live in the neighborhood.IMG_05551

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