MySpace NYC Licensed Real Estate Agent Pete Redmond

Bushwick Office
96 Bogart, Brooklyn, NY

Pete Redmond

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I was born. Then some stuff happened. You were born and then, pretty much, the same deal went down. Right? Now here we are today. And now this is one of those times it gets really good. Now that MySpace NYC has cruised into both of our lives, I get to use their massive database of no-fee apartments to have a positive impact on your existence. Now I get to find you the fantastic Brooklyn home you deserve. Whether you're flying solo or looking to find a new space with roommates, I take a "we're in this together" approach. I'm not interested in trying to push you into an apartment that's "fine". I want you to get the place you'll love. One you’ll easily envision being your home for years to come. We’ve all had that fortunate friend who found that amazing place in that great neighborhood. And we, of course, were happy for them. Let’s work together and make you the fortunate one this time around. Aaaaaaand… scene.

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