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Amanda Ezell

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I grew up in Arizona, starry skies and cacti. I have been in NYC for 15 + years. I've lived in every borough outside of Staten Island, so I know my way around the city. While living in NYC is exciting in itself.. there's nothing like finding your niche in the vast expanse of Brooklyn and Queens, each neighborhood having it own appeal, and demographics. Knowing what ideals you have and the reality of options is my job to help navigate, which I do with ease and understanding. Helping you, as the customer, listening to your needs and wants, and ultimately helping to make your dream apt, become a reality. I have been in many different fields of employment ranging from production to managerial, and service industry expertise. I am in this career because I've strived to make others feel at home- always, and this is just the physical manifestation of that same idea. My way of making it real. Tangible. It works. I can help you in finding you what you want, and what you need, all within your means!

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