MySpace NYC Licensed Real Estate Agent Edward Chittenden

Bushwick Office
96 Bogart, Brooklyn, NY

Edward Chittenden

Meet Edward

Drawn by the vibrant music and art scenes in Brooklyn, Ed moved to Bushwick in 2008, and continues to play in various musical projects. He joined MySpace NYC in 2012, coming from a long background working in real estate in his hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. An active residential leasing agent, Ed in the past 3 years has found his niche and primarily focuses on serving MySpace NYC's booming commercial department. The company's commercial team have quickly developed a reputation for their keen insight into the development and direction of the surrounding neighborhood's commercial landscapes, and equally for their attentiveness and care for the needs and concerns of both the tenants as prospective business owners, as well as for the building's owners. Passionate about Brooklyn, Ed's approach to real estate is focused around getting to know his clients as real people whose company he enjoys, and taking care of them from beginning to end. Learn how he can help you.

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