Looking for 2 roommates to share a 3 bed with laundry and shared yard

Gorgeous 3 bedroom in a Brownstone Townhouse. Living room with exposed brick, 3 large bedrooms with closets, stainless steel kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. Laundry in the building. Near the S, 2, 3, 5, and 5 trains. Also near Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, and only half a block from Franklin Avenue’s trendy restaurant and bars.

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Must make 40 times the room with good credit. American Guarantors are welcome. ONE MONTH FREE.

Furnishing Your New Apartment – On a Budget!

You’ve done it! You finally signed the lease to your dream apartment in Brooklyn, and now it’s time to make your space more hospitable.

There’s just one thing holding you back…. your budget.

You just paid first, last and security and now you’re on a tight budget until your next few paychecks. You may not be eating ramen, but if you furnish your new apartment like you want to, you’ll be stuck eating crackers for the next month!

Don’t worry, it’s possible to add your own touch without breaking the bank.


Before you decide to paint the walls of your bedroom neon green, PLEASE ask your landlord if they are fine with you painting or adding wallpaper. If not, there are plenty of ways to add more color – here’s a few of our favorites.

Courtesy of Popsugar.com

Calendar Photos
Instead of shelling out a lot of money for high-end photos, try framing pictures from yearly calendars (about $25 value). They’re often just as beautiful (travel ones are my favorite), and you have the option of cutting off the months and days.

Courtesy of Instagram user passapaa

Sarongs As Accents
Sure, sarongs are usually associated with beach locations, but imagine how stunning their beautiful colors and patterns will look draped over a solid-colored couch in your own home. Because of their reasonable price, you can buy multiple and switch them out often.


There’s nothing better than getting a free dresser! Having a desk, lamp, or even a mirror passed down is one less item that you’ll need to purchase for your new apartment. Plus, think about how cool your new space will look with a vintage/modern feel. Here are a few more acts of recycling we thought were awesome.

Courtesy of The Suburban Urbanist
Shower Curtains On Windows
Once you find the right fit, shower curtains make a genius alternative to more-expensive window treatments. Many come in stylish designs that you’ll be proud to move from the bathroom to the bedroom.
Courtesy of Instagram user cathsweezay
Shoe Holder For Toiletries
An over-the-door holder can hold more than just shoes. If your bathroom is limited when it comes to storage space, here’s a way to keep toiletries, hair dryers, brushes, and more organized.


With the right materials, you can make anything look expensive, but it’s really a combination of resourcefulness and DIY skills. You found tree branch? With some spray paint, some hooks and a string, you’ve just created an abstract art piece that you can hang in your apartment.

Maybe that wasn’t the best example, but the sky’s the limit when you you’re creating a work of art. Try it out, it’s not very hard!


Now that we’ve shared some of our best tips to furnish your apartment on a budget, feel free to check out some of our available listings in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Greenpoint.

Why Having A Roommate May Be Perfect For You!

Welcome to Brooklyn! Many people dream of moving to the big apple and having a space of their own, but you may be surprised to learn that more and more people are choosing to live with roommates than ever before. Brooklynites prefer to save money by not pouring their entire income into rent. Here are a few reasons why having roommates is one of the best ways to live in Brooklyn.


Convenience of Live-In Friends
Living with roommates can be a a built-in social circle for cooking dinners, movie nights, and solid support for those times when New York living isn’t easy. Even if you’re not close with your roommates, it’s always nice to have someone around.


You’ll Have Help
Imagine the amount of things you wouldn’t have to do if you had a roommate. Cleaning the whole apartment from top to bottom, separating the garbage and the recycling, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and handling all problems with the super. A native New Yorker or not, nobody wants to be the only one unclogging drains.

Having a rotation of people handling chores will free up time that you would have spent maintaining the apartment, and will give you more time to get out and enjoy your new Brooklyn neighborhood. Not to mention, there will be someone there to take care of your pet, water your plants and collect your mail when you’re out of town.


Smaller Bills
You’ll be splitting your monthly rent depending on the amount of roommates you have, but that’s not all. You will also have the opportunity to split the utilities and furnish the apartment. Also, you can splurge on cable/internet, which you may not be able to afford if you didn’t have a group to share the cost.


You Can Get A Bigger Apartment
Just because your budget for a room might be in a lower price range, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to live in a tiny apartment. Naturally living with roommates means have a larger space to accommodate more people. Plus, having a bigger apartment usually comes with more amenities. You may have access to a backyard, roof or balcony for entertaining guests. The space may also feature a washer/dryer in-unit, dishwasher or a media/fitness room as a building perk.


If you decide to live with roommates, make sure to vet the applicants. We’ve all heard, or have, horror stories of a normal roommate that became crazier with time. Check out our Roommates page to let us help you find great, potential roommates to eliminate the headaches that may come with the roommate search! Get the process started online or with one of our neighborhood specialists.

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Finding Your Dream Apartment… and the Roommates to Share it with

If you’ve ever looked for an apartment in Brooklyn, you know what it’s like. You find a beautiful apartment in a hip neighborhood, but it’s a 3-bedroom apartment. Another option is to  swing the rent with two roommates, but none of your friends are currently looking. Or you’re new in town. And you know from experience that opening this up to Craigslist means sifting through dozens of messages from the wrong people, all while panicking that your great apartment is going to get snagged out from under you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. MySpace NYC can help you find the right apartment AND the right people to share it with. And it will cost you nothing.

The MySpace NYC Roommate Match Service collects information about all of our apartment hunters who are looking for roommates, matches them with each other according to their budgets and preferences, and finds the right property for everyone involved. It’s as simple as that.

(Well, as simple as that to you, anyway. Our staff works pretty hard to make the perfect match. But that’s not your problem.)

Here’s how it works.

You fill out the form

Write a short description of yourself, and even upload a picture of yourself if you want. Just let us know your monthly budget, what neighborhood you want to live in, and whether you’re OK with cats and dogs. That information goes into our exclusive database, and our dedicated Roommate Match Service staff gets to work.

MySpace NYC calls you in for a personal interview

That way, the staff gets to hear more about your situation, and the specifics of what you’re looking for. You have a friend looking with you? Are you a vegan? What hours do you keep?

MySpace NYC finds the right property for you

We have exclusive listings in some of Brooklyn’s most exciting neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Bushwick, Crown Heights, and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Also, know which apartments will be ideal for roommate shares.

We introduce you to potential roommates

You meet like-minded, qualified candidates at our offices, and let us know what you think. If you were the first person in on a property, you get to approve each roommate. You’re the second roommate in? Then both of you get to approve the third candidate. And so on. If one person isn’t a match, we move on to the next candidate.

You move into your awesome new apartment with your awesome new roommates

That’s the goal, anyway. We want you to be happy in your new rental, and that means liking the people you live with.

The best part? There’s no fee, no risk, and no commitment for this service. We find you an apartment, we find your new roommates an apartment, and everyone wins. So what are you waiting for? Fill out our form and get started today!